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Wisonic products have entered
into more than
100 countries and regions
Wisonic products have a coverage
of 1000 global hospitals
Established more than
100 bedside visualization
technology training bases
Wisonic has fulfilled
more than 800 workshops
Wisonic have trained more
than 100,000 clinicians
Specialist Dedicated
From the customer demand, to provide "Specialist Dedicated"
products and services,integrate high-end technologies
continuously launch cloud-based intelligent medical
products and services, Make the doctor "see" more
Customer Success
To build dandelion training bases with the world's top hospitals Promote the popularization of ultrasound visualization technology in the clinic,form hematopoietic function and long-term mechanism At the same time,build the online learning platform-"Wisonic Dandelion College Cloud Classroom"
R&D Strength
Wisonic was awarded
the national high-tech
enterprise in the third year
after its establishment
Wisonic had undertaken
3 major national R&D projects
within 6 years after its
Combining 5G technology
cloud technology
AI artificial intelligence
innovative researches and
develops cloud intelligent
products to provide cloud
medical services for customers
Since the establishment
Wisonic has established joint
laboratories of cutting-edge
technology with many colleges
and universities
Cooperation Cases
Qualification & Honor
  • In January 2021Wisonic Medical launched Cloud Service and Maintenance.
  • In February 2021Clivia was granted “CFDA certification”.
  • In April 2021Wisonic Medica has completed a more than 15 million US dollars B round of funding.
  • In June 2021Carnation was awarded “CFDA certification”.
  • In September 2021Wisonic Medical won the recognition for “Ofweek 2021: the Most Investment Value in AI industry”.
  • In October 2021Wisonic Medical launched mobile clouds PACS.
  • In February 2020built the online learning platform for ultrasound visualization technology- "Wisonic Dandelion College Cloud Classroom"
  • In March 2020Wisonic Medical rolled out the online platform “Wisonic Dandelion College” to disseminate visualization of POCUS.
  • In April 2020was selected into the first batch of 5G ecological plan by Tencent.
  • In June 2020Wisonic Medical set up a new domain name wisonic.com; the official website with both Chinese and English Versions.
  • In September 2020Wisonic was nominated by the “Shenzhen industrialization and information 40-year achievement”.
  • In January 2019was awarded the first batch of high-level innovative talent training bases in Nanshan District, Shenzhen in 2019
  • In April 2019reached a strategic cooperation with China Unicom and Peking University Shenzhen Hospital to jointly create "5G Ultrasound Aerial Clinic ".
  • In December 2019"5G Ultrasonic Aerial Clinic"of Wisonic was selected for Shenzhen "Digital Government" 5G Achievement Exhibition.
  • In December 2019"5G Ultrasonic Aerial Clinic"of Wisonic was selected for the joint achievement exhibition of Health commission of ministry of industry and information technology.
  • In December 2019"5G Ultrasonic Aerial Clinic"of Wisonic won the first place in the Zilongshan Ultrasound Teleconsultation Contest.
  • In December 2019Wisonic Medical signed a RMB 40 million, the A round financing agreement, entered into a new stage development.
  • In April 2018signed a strategic cooperation agreement with MGI for the development of a remote ultrasonic robot.
  • In July 2018both Clover and Navi were selected as "Excellent Domestic Medical Equipment" by China Equipment Association.
  • In August 2018the concept of "New Ultrasound" was first proposed, which was highly recognized by the industry.
  • In June 2017undertook the R&D major project of "Optical-acoustic multimodal tumor molecular fingerprint imaging" by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • In September 2017became a listed public company in new OTC (Over the Counter) market, "a new starting point, more brilliant"!
  • In November 2017established a strategic partnership with Frankfurt Orghopadische Universitatsklinik hospital, the world's top anesthesia ultrasound training center.
  • In June 2016undertook the Special Diagnosis and Treatment R&D Major Project of National Ministry of Science and Technology -“Fusion imaging of noninvasive vascular elasticity and vector blood flow and its implementation in portable ultrasound diagnostic units of China”
  • In September 2016Wisonic-Tongji University-Michigan State University Joint Laboratory was established.
  • In January 2015approved as a "National High-tech Enterprise".
  • In February 2015"Wisonic- School of Medicine, Tsinghua University Production and Research Demonstration Base" was established and put into operation.
  • In December 2015got ISO13485 certification.
  • In December 2014obtained the national double soft enterprise qualification certification.
Global Network
Wisonic Medical is headquartered in Shenzhen, China
with 32 offices established in 8 regions: Shandong, Northwest, Northeast, East, South, Southwest, and South-central China
and set up branches in the United States, Germany, and Hong Kong of China, forming a global R&D, production, marketing and service network

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